They have also dismissed the widening of the A229 which was

Thing I can tell you is crosswalks do not stop vehicles, they don stop a car. And studies have shown that when you put in a crosswalk, it can give the user a false sense of security, Roscoe said. It very important that when we do put in a crosswalk we listen to our engineering staff as to why we are doing what we are doing, making sure there are warrants and justifications for the installation and the design of it.

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Cheap Jerseys from china Last week, Highways England revealed it was recommending ‘Option C’ which would see a tunnel under the river in Gravesham be preferred to another crossing close to the existing tunnel and bridge at Dartford.”At the time of the previous consultation on the location of the proposed lower Thames crossing in 2013, Kent County Council strongly supported Option C variant east of Gravesend ‘on the condition that the connection to the M2 is moved westwards thus connecting into the A2’.”The widening of the A229 between the M2 and M20 was also an integral part of KCC’s support for the Option C variant.”In the latest consultation, Highways England have recommended that the connection should not be moved westward to the A2 as KCC’s conditional support demanded. They have also dismissed the widening of the A229 which was integral to KCC’s preferred option.”Instead, Highways England’s preferred route will plough through Shorne cheap jerseys, condemning the villagers to a life of misery. The A226 through Shorne and Higham is designated to become the main connecting corridor between new crossing and the A228 Wainscott Bypass.”The lack of any widening or junction improvements on the A229 will result in gridlock at the top and bottom of Bluebell Hill.”Abridge2far has asked if Paul Carter and KCC will now withdraw their support for Highways England’s preferred route, since neither of their conditions have been met, and will now instead support the thousands of Kent residents whose lives will be devastated by this monstrous plan, and call for it to be scrapped.”We enable people to post comments with the aim of encouraging open debate.Only people who register and sign up to our terms and conditions can post comments Cheap Jerseys from china.