The protein allergen that causes allergic symptoms is found in

Political campaigns are hectic, expensive undertakings. Candidates and their staffers travel all over the country by planes, trains and automobiles. They eat at roadside diners and in the drive thru lane, and fuel up for campaign rallies and fundraisers at Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks.

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The Crystal Hotel has stood on its current site for more than 130 years ” it was first built to welcome travellers from the nearby train station. Plenty of traditions have come and gone and many more changes have been seen over the years, but one tradition that has gone on for at least a decade is live music from the hotel TMs pub. Country and honky tonk, maybe even a little classic rock, can be heard each Saturday afternoon as old friends ” the demographic is decidedly on the grey side ” meet each week to dance, chat, sip a beer and enjoy the tunes.

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