“The other issue for women is something we call ‘sausage leg

How did he win? “Living in Australia, I’ve eaten enough pies to know how to eat them fast,” he said. His victory earned him a free Boomerang’s pie a week for a year. Unfortunately, Hart won’t be in Austin for much longer, but he said he and his friends will likely make a few more visits to Boomerang’s before he heads back Down Under..

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“That’s what goes in the seat of your bike shorts and if you’ve ridden 100 miles with a poorly placed chamois, you will have a very sore bottom,” she said. “The other issue for women is something we call ‘sausage leg.’ Women’s legs are structured as such that when we pack them into lycra they look like sausage casings. So we’re looking at different compression material that lessens that and it massages your muscles so you’re constantly getting good blood flow.”.

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