Mercury Elite has several boys teams at multiple age levels

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wholesale jerseys from china Freeman see what happens. Now you get reality and now you better get ready for work tommorow or you don eat. Because if you did lose your job you would not know what to do. Not just volleyball players who have a plethora of competition options in the offseason and are benefiting from extra coaching.AAU basketball is busy in the summer with players competing in tournaments across the country for area teams such as Chicago Lockdown, Illinois Wolves and Mercury Elite for boys and Illinois Lady Lightning for girls.The Lady Lightning have teams for grade school players plus a slew of squads for high school players. Mercury Elite has several boys teams at multiple age levels plus three girls teams at the 14U level, a far cry from when the program first started nine years ago.the last three years, it gone from probably three to four teams to where it is now with 19 teams, said founder Dave Ruggles, whose program has players from across the suburbs. Started with one team and we grew it from there wholesale jerseys from china.