Marlin Rockhold, 23, of Hamilton, with the 3rd Infantry

That’s the message from security experts, consumer advocates and some state Attorneys General. They say more people should consider a credit freeze as a way to block identity thieves from opening new credit cards and other accounts in your name. They recommend a freeze even if your identity hasn’t been stolen.

Scallops are another famous local resource. Unlucky are we in Britain that we can only buy dredged scallops, soaked for 24 hours to plump them up and so full of water, that they boil hard when you try to cook them. Andrew only buys scallops collected by divers who gather them by hand from among the rocks.

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Thank you this person your talking about is my dad, he doesn’t use the cycle path because he rides a very expensive road racer bike. As you have already said the cycle path is always over grown and the tyres that are on my dads bike wouldn’t cope with the rough conditions of the cycle track. My dad is an experienced rider and cycles from Malton to kirkbymisperton to work everyday.

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