He conveyed the water system to the district in 2005

This usually means owning the entire problem in your apology. Remember, one of the things you are trying to do is get past this point in the business relationship. You won’t accomplish that doing “guilt fractions.”. Anderson bought the Cascade company in 2003 and formed the water district in 2004. He conveyed the water system to the district in 2005. In late 2005 or early 2006, the district secured a $480,000 grant and borrowed another $520,000 to repair the system.

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In order to justify all the time and money spent on Project Firefly one of the members of the EADA tried to explain that not only was Firefly trying to develop individual projects, but it was also trying to codify the process involved in germinating an invention that would be produced wherever a good idea was found. In essence it seemed the nature of Firefly had shifted to being more of an educational process that was being groomed to be a teaching tool that the EADA could market to the world. My concern is that before a process can be proved, it needs to produce something to demonstrate its worth.

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