Go to tasting rooms and visit beer bars and beer stores

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And continuing through system closing on Sunday, shuttle buses will replace red line trains between Silver Spring and Fort Totten. The Takoma station will be closed. Metro will run both express buses that will run between Silver Spring and Fort Totten and local buses that will stop at the Takoma station.Metro says there will be regular weekend service on the orange, blue and yellow lines.

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For example, a landlord that bought a building for $100,000 twenty five years ago would now be paying about $2,050 per year in property tax. If the tax were at the same rate (about 1.25% in Berkeley) but on the current value instead of the prop 13 limit, the annual tax would be $36,900, an increase of 1,700%. If prop 13 were entirely removed, the tax rate would probably be much higher, perhaps twice this percentage..

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