But when the going gets tough

Was a BSA Cub Scout and Boy Scout. As an adult supreme hats, recently shedding many hats in BSA with the most recent being District Commissioner, District Camping Chairman. I am still an inactive Troop Committee Member, Wood Badge Staff Member, District and Council Training Teams.

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cheap Football Snapback Photograph: Stringer/ReutersThe maximum load of Beijing power grid system reached about 16.96 million kilowatts at 5:54 pm local time on Friday, setting a record for the capital winter power supply in recent years.A total of 465 emergency repair vehicles and 15 emergency generator wagons allocated by Beijing Electric Power Corporation have been ready to help with any power supply problems.The heating supply departments from the municipalities of Beijing and Tianjin and neighboring HebeiProvince asked the heating supply units or companies in the region to raise heating temperatures to cope with the freezing weather.Sanitation workers in XingtaiCity of Hebei received cotton clothes, hats and gloves from the city environmental sanitation department. Traffic police from Baoding City, Hebei Province have also been equipped with warm clothing while their shifts have been shortened.The cold air moving south also brought low temperatures and rare snowfall to regions along the Yangtze River on Saturday.The downtown of southwest China ChongqingMunicipality braced for its first snow since 1996 from Friday night to Saturday morning. ShanghaiMunicipality also saw snow early Saturday while the temperature dropped to under minus two degrees Celsius.Before the cold spell arrived, the agriculture department of Shanghai stored enough vegetables to deal with demand during the weekend cold snap. cheap Football Snapback

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