Also: when I want news, I get it from news sources, not from

And while I agree that perhaps they should, and while I certainly am not insensible to the total disaster the world is spiraling rapidly into, I don’t think we as women should have to pre atone for looking at new makeups by first slogging through a story about women suffering elsewhere. Also: when I want news, I get it from news sources, not from fucking Cosmo, thank you very much. It’s so totally insulting that these magazines might actually operate under the premise that this is the ONLY way women would possibly hear about foreign civil rights violations or whatever that it makes me want to puke into my Herm s Birkin bag..

But you don’t have to have restaurant aspirations to take advantage of the classes at SFCS. Liano believes she has the largest catalog of recreational classes on the west coast. Most are hands on, even if they’re taught by renowned chefs or artisans.

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