After urging “law enforcement supporters around the world to

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping NOTHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY. PROBLEMS WITH CUSTOMERS BUT THIS WAS NEVER MENTIONED. >> HE’S REMEMBERED AS A LOVING GRANDFATHER TO 11 GRANDCHILDREN. Everybody is a publisher now and everybody can share their thoughts with whatever group or people who are following them, and from there it’s just exponential how it can spread.”When Pandora’s social media brain trust thought it necessary to tweet a statement in support of “Black Lives Matter” while failing to recognize the fallen Dallas officers, the Fort Worth Police Officer’s Association quickly responded with a seditious post on Facebook. It served only to spread Pandora’s original tweet while bringing heavy cyber condemnation upon the police association.After urging “law enforcement supporters around the world to DELETE the Pandora Radio app from their devices,” the post went off the rails by declaring Pandora “openly supports an organization that chooses to kill American law enforcement officers.” Then it got worse, edited to read: Black Lives Matter is an organization that “chooses to MURDER American law enforcement officers.”The old adage that we should always think before we speak applies to social media just like it does to words that we use.Rita Kirk, SMU professorA final edit offering a message of unity instead of divisiveness appeared before the entire post was removed from the FWPOA’s Facebook page.Since the initial post, FWPOA president Sgt. Rick Van Houten said the organization has adopted a 24 hour policy before posting on social media and after a discussion among board members during controversial incidents.Van Houten, who attended the funeral for slain Dallas police Sgt. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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